NYE and Monsieur DJ

In honors of the impending NYE shenanigans, here are photos I took of DJ Allen Clive Patrick Duval of Paris, France during one of his sets in Istanbul. If anyone knows how to get down, it's this guy. We had a great time at an experimental art festival we both participated in and I'm so happy to have met him. Check out my NYE plans below... 

I'm currently in the process of firming up my NYE plans, but they will undoubtedly involve the following DISCO SHIT in varying combinations:

A curated cocktail affair at my new Dupont townhouse
Afros (not on me, but my fabulous girls for suuuure)
More sequins
Vintage fur (duh)
Gin, whiskey, and more gin
Glitter (not the same as sequins)
Pallazo pants
Snakeskin platforms
A signature cocktail of some sort (see above booze list)
Makeup a la Bowie
A high concentration of fashionistas and dandies of various genders
Laughs and shenanigans
A little disco funk and electro womp womp
"Ohhhh, whaaaaaaaat?!" moments

And more. 

Oh yes. There will be more. 

It's about to get queeny up in here.