Medium Format Film

I am in the process of moving into a gorgeous Victorian townhouse in Dupont, complete with the original detailing, 12 foot ceilings, and 2 wood burning, hand-tiled fireplaces. In the new space, I spend a lot more time thinking about quality construction and processes, and it's shaping what projects I am planning for the next couple of wintery months. I will be taking my old film back out and returning to the craft of photography, while marrying it to modern fashion. Here is a series of medium format images that I shot last spring in Poughkeepsie, NY for this documentary that I published into a book.

I took the photos on a modified medium format camera, where I ripped the inside mechanism out to remove the breaks between the shots; as a result, 16 exposures became one continuous image with each photo overlapping the next from inaccurate manual advancing of the film. Since I was on deadline for the book, I did not get a chance to scan the film and cut the photos myself; I was forced to take it to be printed and was at the mercy of the person doing the prints. 

The lack of control was liberating; with so much overlap, each printed photo became two or three overlaid images. The time crunch also forced me to simplify my process further, and I laid the photos in sets on the scanner and brought them into Photoshop that way.

I love the process and quality of film; my vintage camera is quirky, underexposes by an entire stop, and acts up, but the payoff when the photos come out is incredible. Enjoy these photos, they hold a special place in my heart from a place that I really enjoyed living.