Fly Girls

This morning on Twitter, this photo emerged of myself and some of my favorite DC style setters. I didn't take it (mad props to DFinney Photography!), but I love it and wanted to share these fun looks with everyone. I'm so lucky to have such stylish friends! Almost all of us also worked on the Tweed Ride photo shoot together, so I have a special place in my heart for these ladies. I took some photos of each of our looks, but for now here's a little group shot at the Fly Girls five year anniversary party last week. Catch the full recap after the jump. Enjoy!

Kimee Brown (The Model Is Wearing), Elise Peterson (IVD), Michelle German (Chic Makeup Geek), Kate Warren (Go Kate Shoot), and Tamika Wilkins (My Designer Dreams)

My fabulous hat and mink courtesy of It's Vintage Darling.