Demigods Helping the Homeless Party

Several weeks ago, I shot a series of documentary photos for the Real Demigods to raise awareness of homelessness in DC. In addition, there was a campaign launch event at Smith Commons, where professional street artist Gregg Deal turned several of my photos into insanely gorgeous, enormous pieces of art live. You can view his stuff (mine is the last one at the bottom of the page) HERE. Here are a few images that I captured during the event.

 This photo of me was snapped by my stylist and friend Elise Peterson.  I really don’t think there is anything more chic than a sensual black cashmere turtleneck. I’m pretty tall (5’9”) to begin with, so those killer platforms give me an even more extreme height advantage.  

Local stylist Quincy Jones came out to chill with us; I always love shooting and chatting with him! 

Quincy and my stylist Elise, who is wearing vintage Versace and fur (per usual).

Local artist Trey Smith introduced me to Allagash; my loves for whiskey and good beer finally unite!

I have gads of photos backlogged that I am excited to share with you, from my trip to NYC and otherwise. I’m inundated with parties this week and will be traveling back to NYC again this coming weekend, so I’m a little slow in churning those out but will do the best I can. Cheers!