Cop 'Stache

As my followers, friends, family, and even coworkers know, I love mustaches. Give me a man with a full-on Tom Seleck and I’m mush, it’s as simple as that. Handlebar, 70’s pornstar, and everywhere in between, I love mustaches. I’m fully aware and agree that mustaches can be and usually are really creepy, but when on the right person they can inject a major shot of confidence and swag. They’re a visual punch line that becomes a cheeky wink if the guy can carry it off. Meek men become charismatic, and Average Joes suddenly have a sense of style. It’s amazing! You can’t help but be dapper and a little rowdy in a mustache, I think. My favorite mustache has been documented here, here, and here on my friend Ted, bassist for the indie dance band Kinky Creature (listen to them, and donate to their Kickstarter here, they’re dope!).

Needless to say, Movember is one of my favorite times of year.

Here is a photo of my cousin and his Movember ‘stache, which is a very donut-eating cop number, particularly with the aviator sunglasses. He’d never grown one before, so it was a real treat to be able to take part in some familial mustache fun!