Coffee with Quincy


My most fabulous friends are sometimes my most elusive ones because we're oh-so-busy, and stylist Quincy Jones is one of those. We always enjoy one another immensely when we get together, and enjoy basking in one another's stylishness. I have photographed him on numerous occasions and always love how he communicates himself visually; you can check out his style here and here as well. The other day we met up for a late lunch and coffee date, motivated by the fact that both of us were dolled up in fur in the middle of the week. Why not be, I say!

Before we ran off to talk projects and chat it up, I snapped some photos of his fabulous outfit in Dupont Circle. We love the full fur and dapper layers; his gray vest is from Dr. K's, my favorite men's vintage guru in DC. His smoking shoes are killer (you know I love my gold glitter pair!), and please don't even get me started on bow ties. Love. 

In other news, it's freezing. That won't stop me from dressing up (I am from Vermont after all!) but get ready for some serious layers, fur, and cashmere. Yum!