Chevron and the Octopus

Thought I'd give you a little sneaky peek at some of my favorite pieces that I'm wearing today. I got this fabulous silk chevron kimono while on the hunt for some yummy new fashions off the beaten path in Pittsburgh. I paired it with a sheer silk tie-neck leopard blouse and three of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The octopus is one of my favorite staples, and comes with a funny story: 

A few years ago while living in New York, my friend invited me to go to a "art and music festival". Thinking that it would be a cool chance to meet some creative people, I got a crew together and went a few towns over. The event was in a Holiday Inn Express (eesh, yep) and as soon as I went in I realized things were a little...different. What had been sold to be as an "art and music festival" was really a "death metal and body modification convention" (YEP), which I discovered shortly after my friend, a generous Puerto Rican guy who rides a Harley and is covered in tattoos, shashayed out (for lack of a better phrase) shirtless and drunk as a skunk to greet me whole heartedly with a bellowed, "KATIE WARRRREN!"

Yep. This is all happening. 

Despite our apprehension, we went inside and proceeded to inspect the various "wares" for sale as we listened to a local death metal band. Tattoo artists or coupled with cendors selling chain mail, knives, sex toys, and, OOOO LOOK, JEWELRY! 

So that's how I came to find my signature octopus at a death metal convention. Needless to say, after purchasing the little guy, I hightailed it out of there since it wasn't really my "scene", if you will. 

Hilarious. This stuff only happens to me, I swear! 

Going to a trunk show tonight for a line of international jewelry being debuted by several national retailers, including Anthropologie. If you'd like to come out, more information can be found here. Hope to see you soon!