Birthday Attire: Halston + Fox

I love birthdays, I always have. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll never see me trounce into a club wearing a birthday tiara demanding free bottle service, presents from everyone, and an all-access pass to Disney World. Perks are fine, but I love my birthday because it is an opportunity for me to see all of my favorite people all at once and watch them all enjoy each other. I love. I get so much pleasure from my personal relationships, it’s a delight to see them delight one another as well. That is why I attended, and then threw easy-as-pie parties at bars this year; no muss, no fuss, just seriously deep, seriously stylish crews. Party 1 was in NYC, where I still maintain many friends. I was excited to spend both evenings helping two good friends also celebrate their birthdays, and celebrate we did! Then back here in DC, I invited my best and closest for a stylish evening of vintage, whiskey, and oysters. Delightful! I am to edit up all of the photos from the DC party, but here are some snaps of what I wore for birthday this year…more to come soon.

Both were major deals found while sourcing vintage in the back neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Here are some cell phone snaps to tide you over while I work on the real photos. Enjoy!

The dress. I died a little bit inside when I found it in the back of a really bootleg vintage record store surrounded by a few other no-name, poor-quality pieces. This dress found me. It is vintage 1970’s Halston (!!!!!), bias cut patterned silk. So comfortable and slinky; I love how it draws attention to form in an understated way. 

You don’t have to show a lot of skin to be sexy, and I’d much rather be a little more mysterious and leave something to the imagination! And that pattern! So killer. I may or may not have worn it twice in one week (I KNOW) out of sheer excitement.

Worn with my red leather trench with the fox fur collar, and sky-high platform heels, I was super 70s to the max and loving that disco diva style.

The fur. Serious swoon. The fur I found in a charity consignment shop, where I noticed it poking out of a pile of stuff on a chair. I begged to see it, tried it on and fell in love. I asked how much and when the shop owner started with, “It’s the most expensive item in the store…” my heart sank. Until, that is, he finished with, “…it’s six dollars.” SIX. DOLLARS. As in, single dollar bills. As in, my cab to get late night food last night cost more. I DIED. I seriously died of glee right there on the spot. So I scooped it and carried it away in a flurry of gorgeous, completely real vintage fox fur.

 I continued in my elevated state of bliss until I realized that it was shedding. Everywhere. I looked like a white cat exploded on my lap. My black pants developed a think fluffy white coat, a look that was less than cute, let me assure you. So what’s a girl to do, with a six dollar, rapidly molting fox fur? Why, take it to her stylist, of course! When I returned to DC, I hopped over to IVD to get Elise’s advice. As usual she took care of it, sending it to her furrier in Baltimore to fix. And so for the low, low complete and total final price of $45, I came to own the most mind-altering, gorgeous, divine fox fur coat known to modern disco woman. 

And you KNOW I wore that out for my birthday last night…and to work today…and I’m wearing it for the next week while I’m in Vermont…and will wear it for the NYE party I’m hosting. Because it’s warm and soft and glamourous and matches EVERYTHING.

OK. I’m done raving about the Halston and the fur. But seriously. Epic. Happy birthday indeed.

And for those of you who know me, this last shot of the inside of my camera bag will not be surprising in the slightest. A camera and a little nip of whiskey, what else does a girl need for a little birthday fun?