Two Stylish Days

I had a pretty stylish week, and by that I mean the people in my life have been extra stylish this week, and it's pretty wonderful. 

On Wednesday, I went to a panel as part of #DCWeek that discussed the Future of Fashion in DC. It was a pretty intimate crowd of regular DC fashion offenders, and a panel that included a mix of local designers, boutique owners, fashion industry business people and politicos, of course. There was a rousing discussion about how to best grow the local industry and the role of the various stakeholders. It got me thinking about how I can engage more directly in my creative endeavors, so my little brain is going a mile a minute with lots of new ideas. 

As usual, certain ladies looked lovely. 

Tamika, assistant to local designer KAS

Elise Peterson of It's Vintage Darling, Desireé of Fashion Empowering Women, and Tamika 

Elise loves a maxi dress and the 70's in general. Shocking. Never would have guessed. On our way to meet a friend, we stopped at the Atlas Theatre on H St. to take some snaps.

I rocked a perfect tweed dress from Pretty People Vintage earlier this week; the tailoring was impeccable and the wool was super-toasty warm! 

After the Atlas, Elise and I continued along to meet up with the unmatched and stylish Eliot Payne, founder of local bow tie company Accoutre Me. How we met is very modern and appropriate I suppose; he tweeted me during our look book shoot last weekend, and I quickly discovered just how dapper he is and we became fast friends. We met up at Dangerously Delicious Pies for a little nosh and chat...and quickly made vintage-oriented plans for the next evening. Of course, we took some snaps at the Atlas before calling it a night!

Can we talk about his epic mix of prints?! And pink cardigan?! Look at that tie. 

Despite his assertions that he is not a photographer, he got two lovely little shots of me off before I hopped in a cab and whisked away for the night. 

I'm wearing a mink from Pretty People Vintage that just seems to match everything I own, and elbow-length houndstooth gloves that I bought with my mother years ago. Its a shame I don't have photos of my whole outfit, because it featured an amazing taffeta skirt with a crinoline that was just to die for...but the waist was so tiny I was glad to get out of it at the end of the evening!

The next night, I met up with Eliot and a few other characters at Dr. K's, one of my favorite vintage shops and overall places to hang out. I don't ever really go when he's actually open, and more often than not I come to eat dinner in the back, drink a few beers, and generally shoot the shit with the revolving cast of characters that use the shop as a hangout. And I don't actually shop; the owner, Somkiat, is a lovely man who buys me things I didn't even know I needed until I walk in and he says, "I have something special for you, I've been saving it!" He's responsible for almost everything I'm wearing for the Tweed Ride and a half dozen other items that I'm lusting over. His pieces are incredible; buyers from Ralph Lauren come to him to source things to imitate. It's always just men (and me) hanging out, and I've received an incredible education in vintage so far. 

I am so grateful to have such interesting and stylish friends! The last time I was in he had a vintage Birkin that went viral after I posted it, and I certainly wasn't disappointed this time! This doctor's bag is from the 1920's and still smells like medicine; it is so special with all the history attached.

Somkiat was benefitting form Washingtonians' Tweed Ride preparations, and brought out this gorgeous vintage Harris Tweed for me to peep. 

And of course, the dapper Eliot Payne brought the style noise...plaid pants and yellow brogues?! Amazing, I love it! 

Collins, the head of security at local night hotspot Marvin came down to hang out with us as well. He is known as one of DC's most stylish men, and you can see he brought his tweedy best to showcase how men can dress for the upcoming Tweed Ride. 

Elbow patches, waistcoast, and the perfect mix of prints; I love it!

Eliot had QUITE A TIME trying on everything in sight in the store. It was his and Collins' first times in the shop and both stylish gentlemen were going nuts for Dr. K's goods. 

Eliot taught me to tie bow ties...what do you think? Not bad for the first time, eh? I was twitterpated to learn and he was very patient; I can't think of a better person to learn to tie one from, he's a certified expert!

And then he fell in love with a silk smoking jacket and it was allllll over! 

Eric Channing Brewer of Dandies & Quaintrelles stopped by as well. We had such awesome tweedy gentlemen and such a good repoire with the whole crew, chatting late into the night about all things style, life, and otherwise.