Tweed Ride Promotional Photos, Round II

Wow, what a great response to the photos so far! To get you up to speed, I put together an amazing photo shoot to showcase some of DC's best vintage from It's Vintage Darling and Pretty People Vintage in honor of Dandies & Quaintrelles upcoming Tweed Ride. In addition to our participants that I listed yesterday, this post features the delightful Nina O'Neil, founder of Ciao Nina; her fabulous fascinators were recently featured on the hit TVshow Gossip Girl. Aren't we (the city of DC, and not just me) just so lucky to have such lovely and talented creators? Shop Nina's creations on the link. 

Now to the meat of the matter!

What is a Tweed Ride, you may ask?

A DC style institution! Twice a year, hundreds of Washingtonians get dressed in their finest dapper duds inspired by the 1920-30's (although we enjoyed pushing that to the 1950's while mixing decades for the shoot) and go for a bike ride to a party. 

Why Tweed Ride, you may ask?

Why not? In today's society, we have, as my friend's mother used to say, "Lost our sense of occasion". Gone are the days it was the norm to put on heels, a hat, and some jewelry before leaving the house. No more are regular at-home cocktail or dinner parties that demand the perfect bowtie. And so what are a stylishly-inclined photographer and her vintage-buyer friend to do? Create an occasion, and that we did with this photo shoot, just as Eric Channing Brewer did with the Tweed Ride and the spring Seerksucker Social. 

What about style tips? Do I have to wear tweed?

I'm glad you asked! Check out yesterday's post, which features our stylist Elise's take on the looks you see here. You don't have to just wear tweed, but any retro style that makes you feel dapper. 

I will also offer a few personal style tips:

1. Wear everything you love every day, even if no one else will be. This is the single key to my key style: I wear all of my favorite pieces at the same time, every day. You know that gorgeous cocktail dress in the back of your closet that you stare at wistfully thinking, Well, it will be perfect for New Year's Eve...get it out! Put it on, and figure out how to make it work for your daily life. The same goes for crazy high heels, cocktail jewelry, hats, elbow-length gloves, furs, and on an on. If you love it, wear it, because life is too short and you can't take it with you. 

2. Know your body, love your body, dress for your body. You're beautiful! Whether you're in generous portions or a little bit wispy, you are what you are. And for the same reason we celebrate vintage, you should celebrate your body: it is a reminder of where you come from. I have my mother's slender torso, and also her juicy butt and hips, Lord help us all. But that's wonderful, because that means I am constantly reminded of her, and of where I came from. Our personal style icons, from our mothers to Dovima or Tyra Banks, dress in a way that celebrates their shape. That self knowledge is style. 

3. Wear something that starts a conversation. I go to a lot of events and meet a lot of new people, but I enjoy wearing clothes that help get the conversation started. Giant eagle head ring that's easy to spot as I gesture or shake your hand? Check! Octopus necklace, fur, a hat, or red lipstick? Check! Somewhere along the line people get shy, and fashion can be an easy entry point to any new conversation. With that comes a desire to wear something no one else will have. Vintage is great for that, but so is going local. Shop your local designer at your local boutiques (Nana and Redeem are two of my favorite DC spots), and start a dialogue with people there to find pieces that will make your wardrobe cocktail party conversation-ready. 

4. Have fun. Be whimsical, silly, nostalgic, ladylike, mannish, and everything in between. Play dress up. Make yourself and others smile with what you wear. The vintage clothes from Pretty People Vintage and It's Vintage Darling were fun, incredibly detailed vintage that made our shoot so special; there's no reason you can't dress like that every day. 

As a reminder, you can sign up for the Tweed Ride and after-party HERE. Do it! Come out and introduce yourself, I want to meet all of you in your dapper duds. And then I'll take your picture. Obviously. :)