Tweed Ride Promotional Photos, Part III

Welcome to day three of Pre-Tweed extravaganza! 

Per usual, check out the ride and party event registration HERE, time is almost out to get in on that! 


In this post, I'll list where each piece we're wearing is from, so you can start to get a better idea of the kind of beautiful vintage our generous partners at It's Vintage Darling and Pretty People Vintage  have. Part of why I love vintage so much is the quality, but also the thrill of the hunt. These shops get new pieces in every day, and I love going in or getting a call that starts, "Oh hey, I have something special for you, I've been saving it!" followed by them disappearing into the back to fish out some gorgeous specimen of timeless fashion that you never knew you've always needed. 

Yes, it's like THAT. 

Just wait until you see what I'm wearing for the Tweed Ride, you'll die. I did. And the story's great to boot, so that makes it all better. But I'm over-excited and getting ahead of myself as usual. 

So here is the the low-down:

On Emma: Hat, fox fur collar, and gold lamé top from Pretty People Vintage

Earrings in focus from It's Vintage Darling

Gorgeous array of gloves, bags and hats! All a mix, but the gloves and bags from It's Vintage Darling, and the hats are a mix from them and Pretty People Vintage

Per usual, Eric is doing Eric and dressed himself, so I don't have the slightest where anything is from. 

On Arial (left): fascinator by Ciao Nina, fur from the private collection of Elise Peterson, brooch and dress from Pretty People Vintage. On Tiffany (center): Hat and jacket from the person collection of Kimee Brown, gloves and leather skirt from It's Vintage Darling. On Indigo (right): All pieces from It's Vintage Darling

Beautifully detailed gloves from It's Vintage Darling

Fur hat (which is coming home with me permanently, haha!) from It's Vintage Darling, scarf and bracelet from a secret vintage spot in Vermont, vest from pop-up vintage boutique Pastiche (who's look book I shot a couple weeks ago and can't wait to share!), and incredible eagle ring (also considering purchasing this myself, after borrowing it for two shoots!) courtesy of Pretty People Vintage

Back row of hat from Pretty People Vintage, front fur hats from It's Vintage Darling

On Kimee: Hat, blazer and blouse from her personal collection, pants from It's Vintage Darling, and pearl brooch from Pretty People Vintage

There you have it! I'd like to extend a warm thanks for the vintage shops for lending us clothing for the shoot! 

Keep an eye out, I'l be publishing some super-casual photos of a few of DC's most stylish men, very soon! In the meantime, go to Dr. K's or Rock It Again on U St. They rock. Seriously.