Refinery 29 DC Launch Party

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Refinery 29 DC launch party, hosted by Madewell. With such an intimate fashion scene here in Washington, it was great to go to the party and know well over half of the people there. People don't host enough events for us all to get dressed up and have our picture taken at! Though, I can't provide details yet, but that is a problem I plan on personally addressing within the coming months. 

But anyway! 

The party was filled with a mix of DC fashion scenesters and Refinery 29 fans alike, decked out in their fashionable best. Here's my gripe: a lot of people I see at these parties dress in a sort of cookie-cutter way that I'll call "blogger stylish" without truly expressing a sense of style. Step it up girls, and express an opinion! Go hunt some vintage! Shop at obscure British boutiques online and worry customs will detain your beautiful new Saville-Row blazer! Live a little, and have some fun with you fashion! And live I did; I wore an early 1960's vintage car coat in bright blue and white silk with gold braided trim and gold buttons. Layered with one of my go-to well-tailored red dresses, black tights and a killer pair of pumps, my vintage-meets-power woman look got lots of smiles and snaps. I'll be sure to post photos as they emerge. 

But enough about me, this post is for the people! 

Here are some snaps of my favorite people, looks, and details from the party. I'll try to ID where I can, but this pile of lady biz cards next to me is sky-high and I need all the help I can get; leave me a comment or tweet @GoKateShoot with your name, link, info, whatever so I can fill in the blanks. 

Thanks team. Enjoy

My vintage fashion partner in crime, Elise Peterson of Its Vintage Darling

Shannon, manager of edgy DC salon Immortal Beloved, blogger of the District Darling, and fellow wearer of octopi necklaces!

Andrea Pippins of Fly and her incredible broach 

Style consultant Star Flood 

A fabulous local jewelry designer

Arm candy on the stylista behind Curious Chase

Mera Anwar, in a skirt of her design for her line Miri

Kristen of Ginger Root Design, a fabulous local designer that repurposes vintage and creates their own vintage-inspired looks

Studded smoking loafers, which you know I've been hyper for for a hot minute

The fabulous Miss Sai of Because I'm Fabulous in all her finest feathered frippery

Kristen of Ginger Root Design hamming it up for my camera

The lovely ladies behind Spicy Candy DC; love the fall-ready burgandy lipstick

One of the jewelry designers who presents her stuff (she's wearing it, check it out!) at Ginger Root Design

Miss Elise Peterson's fabulous vintage cube ring

Jason of IPO Clothing Co. wearing one of their shirts and amazing feather necklaces

Miss Shannon of Immortal Beloved; I love her half horned-rim glasses and hair color. Not to mention I'm a fan of ladies who join me in pulling out and pulling off the powerful red lip.

Interesting contrast between Shannon's open-backed shirt and feminine rose tattoo

Kind husbands and boyfriends came and entertained the kids; and what stylish gentlemen they are!

DC vintage fashion icon Stephanie Mills

Love Stephanie's two-tone manicure

Make-up guru Michelle, totally pulling off yellow lipstick

I love Kimee's dark and mysterious dark and lipstick, so perfect for fall!