Get Aware: Homelessness


 I know I photograph and talk a lot about personal style, but I do so because it is a form of personal communication and voice. But there are many other avenues to explore about personal voice, including many social issues that develop because a group of people lacks ways for their voice to be heard. 

As many people in Washington, DC know, homelessness is of a heartbreaking magnitude here in our city, so when The RealDemigods lifestyle organization approached me about photographing a campaign to raise awareness, I jumped at the chance to give voice to some of the individual that I see during my daily life. We will be hosting a launch event for their campaign, I am a Demigod, this evening 7-midnight at Smith Commons at H St. Artist Gregg Deal will be turning my photos into incredible 4'x4' street art pieces live at our event, and I'm really pumped to be working with such a talented artist to give my work new dimension. Please RSVP and come out to support us.

I set out on a Saturday with a local artist friend of mine in search of men and women who had, for one reason or another, lost their families and homes. I spent hours in Dupont Circle watching them play chess masterfully, then chatting with them, and finally photographing them on a sunny afternoon.


Many I did not ask if they were homeless, and still do not know. There are people in the photos who are homeless, and those who are not, but you can’t tell the difference, and that is the point. We all walk the same streets, share the same park benches, and it is only one thing that tipped them into homelessness. They are not different, and have lived long lives filled with wise experiences.