An Evening with Archer Modern

A few months ago, I photographed an Apartment Therapy meetup where local mid-century modern guru Robert was speaking in preparation of the launch of his new design space, Archer Modern, in Georgetown. Of course, we got to chatting after the event and stayed in touch. A few weeks ago he asked me to come out and shoot the reception for an exhibit he is currently putting on to highlight the revival of famous mid-century modern designer Ralph Rapson's furniture designs and draft drawings.

I loved the form-meets-function nature of Rapson's work, which also translates in his drawings; instead of just drawing pieces of furniture, he deliberately created spaces and included people to develop a beautiful fantasy around a single piece. I'm in love with the sense of movement in these drawings, which meet at the intersection of the artistic and functional. 

The furniture included this rocking chair, one of Rapson's classics. The lines are divine. That's all I have to say. Just incredible. 

There were several other pieces in the Archer Modern space that I absolutely adored, particularly this first piece with the decadent sheepskin, and the last, which is featured on the Archer home page, for obvious and whimsical reasons. I love the attention to detail and dedication to quality materials; it touches the same sentiment that vintage clothing does!