Spotted Out (Well, In) : A Nightmare on Euclid

I don't just throw a party. This past Friday, I cohosted a banger of a Haunted Penthouse party for 100 of our closest friends. Dressed in a silver lame bodysuit with a silver lightning bolt to do my best femmed-up Ziggy Stardust (see below), I was definitely a Halloween force to be reckoned with. Our house looked like a crazy Halloween nightclub, and there was a constant packed dance party in the loft. I couldn't have been happier! 

Our event invitation by my housemate Jordan said the following:

Three months ago,  forces of an alter-universe brought together two aughtfully, dangerous individuals. It's rumored their synergies will usher in a new era with the onset of the Apocalypse. A dark secret lies beneath the terrifying-blood-curdling screams, evil-entities, and corpses at their chilliingly haunted penthouse.
Usher in the 2011 Halloween grimness at Katie and Jordan's penthouse, on Friday, October 28 9:00PM.
What to expect:
  1. Live street-graffiti performances - Utter brilliance
  2. Live performance pieces (acts TBD)
  3. Bumpin, nasty tunes
  4. Beer
  5. Punch (yes, punch) and various refreshments
  6. Ass shaking
  7. Photography (of course)
  8. Awesome costumes
  9. Pumpkins
In the awesomeness that is Halloween, costumes are mandatory. The scarier, funnier, awesomer, snazzier, the better. No costume = no entry = no fun. Limited booze to be provided, if possible bring your favorite drink.
Our fortress is like Fort Knox, if you don't RSVP or know the secret access code/verbal password to get in, you'll be stuck on the eery street. A confirmation email will be sent one day prior to the event with instructions on access - yes this is more exclusive then club Liv.

 Want to know what the passcode was? TONY DANZA. Ha! Not my doing, but obviously hilarious. 

DC style bloggers The President Wears Prada and Spicy Candy DC came out to get down with us as well, and TPWP covered the event with lots more photos by the delightful Marshall here

Photos courtesy of TPWP. 

Carla of TPWP

Carla and I (in all of my Ziggy Stardust glory)