While in Istanbul, I got my hair cut in a basement vintage shop. I wandered in and loved what I saw, but couldn't find any clothes that were quite right; everything was just a little too small or too big. Over the course of shopping, I became acquainted with the owner, a young, stylish Turkish gentleman named Bora. We got along well, so I was distraught when I couldn't find something to wear. I noticed that he had a barber chair in the corner of the shop, so I asked if he could cut hair. He replied that he could, so I proposed that he cut my hair then and there. He agree, and away we went. 

Here are photos from the vintage shoot we did two days later; Bora kindly let us use his shop to outfit the models for the shoot. I'm wearing a vintage silk dress, glasses, and sporting the rock and roll Bettie Page haircut he gave me. 

Captured by the amazing Turkish photograpaher Ilke Şahin.