Turkey Today!

This is it! I'm off to Turkey for two weeks to participate in the experimental art festival Let'stanbul with 19 other artists from around the world. The theme is Art Goes Outside and focuses on public art and all of its manifestations. 

My project: I will be working with professional Turkish dancers from the conservatory in Istanbul to create installation performance art photo shoots all over the city. The styles of dance and locations will both range from traditional to modern, and will seek to investigate the changing role of femininity in Turkish culture. I will also collaborate with other attending artists, including musicians, sound technicians, and other photographers. I will also be in front of the camera, and walk in a fashion show (I'm told, haha).  

I am ecstatic to return to the city of melancholy and my beautiful artistic friends there. After the festival, I will be traveling with 5 other artists to the southern Mediterranean coast, where we will stay in tree house bungalows in lush greenery near the beach. After, we will go to Cappadocia and stay in hotels carved into the natural caves there. The entire experience promises to be a fast-paced whirlwind ride, so please stay tuned here, as I will work to post photos as frequently as possible. 

Cheers! Here are a few images from my last trip to Istanbul.