Spotted: Out at DC Here Now Party

I was spotted by ReadySetDC photographer Jordan Culberson at last night's party for area street fashion photographer Emily of DC Here Now. Hosted by The Dunes, the event was an intimate, lighthearted gathering of friends, family, photographic subjects, and fans. The mix proved to be breezy and fabulous; there were plenty of people to meet, cameras to pose for, and fashion to be admired ("Ah! Darling! Fabulous! It's all happening for me, I'm loving it! Turn your chin to the left, yes, catch the light...perfect! You're killing it!" Yes, my fashion side is 70% drag queen). 

Vintage blouse and shoes (permanently borrowed from my mother's collection), BCBG skirt, raw silk and filigree necklace from Istanbul, lost-without-it leather satchel from Florence, Italy.

My fabulous friend is rocking through with vintage and Missoni for that mix! 

I took some snaps at the party as well, and will share them ASAP.