Let'stanbul: Days 1 & 2

So busy! Choreographed for a flash mob that will take place next week on one of the ferries in Istanbul. We have a great group of dancers, and this is turning out to be a flash mob bootcamp...Kelsea and I danced 9 hours a day for the first two days. I'm in great shape, and so is the dance...very excited for everyone to see it! There will be a crazy viral video, so I'll post that as soon as I have it. 

Now I'm out in the city taking photos, and tomorrow I'm modeling for a LETSTANBoulevard of Fashion event, which I'm also shooting. Got a wild Turkish haircut today, so keep an eye out for some crazy Betty Page bangs in the near future. 

Must run, doing some video creation. Here are some photos to keep you in the know...hundreds more are waiting to be edited, so I'll do some of that tonight too. Keep an eye on the site, and follow me on Twitter...I'll post when I can. 

Cheers! Teşekkür ederim!