Jake Dilley & The Color Pharmacy

Last Friday myself and the crew popped up to The Dunes for a little open bar pregame action before setting off for the art marathon of Art All Night and Submerge. In our devotion to artisan bourbon and gin, we met the charming band JAKE DILLEY & THE COLOR PHARMACY. They came out and walked around the space giving the boozy audience all the unplugged they could handle, and I took some snaps for this fabulously bearded gentlemen. 

(As some of you know, my being from Vermont means that I have a deep love of well-groomed facial hair, mustaches in particular. This has been documented to much hilarity here and here.)

ANYWAY. The guys were rad, I told them all about the crazy art happening, and then today I saw that the talented Ben Droz photographed Jake Dilley and he's on Brightest Young Things photo round-up. LOVES IT!! Spread art. Listen to their music, they rock. And start prepping for No-Shave November.