Beckett & Lynch: A Celebration

Last weekend I took photos of a performance art piece entitled Beckett & Lynch: A Celebration. The artists, Eric Rubin and Sahriel Lehyani, describe it by saying, "This latest show from Sad Grizzly Theater Company is two friends' ritual celebration of the artists Samuel Beckett and David Lynch.  That they know little to nothing about either artist can hardly staunch the tide of their longing for connection, love, and salvation.  Ritual song accompanies comedic, heartfelt vignettes.  The audience will not be spared involvement."

That was all true, but what that description fails to mention is how charming and utterly hilarious the vignettes are!! It's great! Revolving around the antics of a few pairs of distinctive characters, the audience cannot help but be endeared by the genuine nature of each show. The passion and talent of the actors holds even the most ADD audience captive, in part through the wild solicitation of audience participation as the pseudo-improv show engages and confronts everyone in the room. 

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the artists for having me and allowing me to photograph their lovely expression; it was a joy. More photos to follow

I know I'm on repeat, but I love photographing actors; look at how physically communicative these guys are! So great!