VA Beach Preview

As I've mentioned, I have a whopping FIFTEEN cousins! A big group of us (and aunts, uncles, and friends) traveled to VA beach a couple of weeks ago to get away together.

You missed stimulating activities such as:
  • Beach chair sitting 
  • Beach chair relocating 
  • Wave jumping (it was rough seas...which I can't seem to say without sounding like a pirate)  
  • Beach umbrella engineering/finangling 
  • Bocce (all parties involved undoubtedly were racked with guilt at playing without their token bocce-loving friend who couldn't come)
  • Tube floating
  • Pool volleyball (certain players had distinctive height advantages, rendering the game nearly useless)
  • And of course copious cousin beer-drinkin' 
We may or may not have sampled some wine and sauntered down the beach to a local dive that was nothing short of appalling in its clientele. Office glow was sunburned into submission, toes were pinched by crabs, and fun was had by all. We look forward to you attending next time for these and other wild and Lincoln-filled activities.