Textured Tools

A couple of weeks ago I was back at my house in the Hudson Valley, this time to move out. It was a wild and busy weekend, but I did get the chance to go sift through my favorite antique store. Housed in a barn between Poughkeepsie and Millbrook, I don't even think the place has a formal name. The rotting sign outside says BOTTLE STORE, but that certainly is not an indicator of the treasure trove that's tucked back into the woods on the end of a field. I stumbled upon the place months ago, and have been quietly sourcing some of my favorite new pieces since then. In my hunts I have found a 1930's crank telephone, a chandelier, a pair of antlers, some mid-century modern planters, and much more. Here are some photos I took of the tools; the love the textures and the details. I have loads more photos from my trip there, which will be emerging over the next couple of days. I loved finding virtually unknown sources for really special pieces, and am enjoying discovering them in my new urban landscape as well. 

Where are your favorite places to hunt for 'treasure'?