My New Space, In Progress

Lots of you have been asking, so here are some photos of my new space that I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. The kitties (Divas Titi and Lulu) are not mine but are lovely companions; I live in a loft so I have to get along with them, since there's no way to keep them out. I do enjoy the company, and never get tired of watching them battle the errant hair tie across the floor. 

The space itself is tricky and not large; with 3 walls of floor-to-ceiling glass, I feel as though I'm living in a fishbowl much of the time! I never mind, since I get to wake up with the sunrise over my head. I dealt with the privacy issues with three different sets of curtains. The red silk act as a headboard, while the brown frame up my vintage raw silk panel curtain. 

I love to mix patterns and textures! Most of the things in my space are vintage and familial, including the furniture from late 1950's. My textiles are also; the blue raw silk curtains belonged to my great grandmother in Chicago in the 1940's and the sheets were grandmother's. I'm so in love with those curtains...they are block-pleated along the top and just look so fresh with a little nautical tie! The remainder I collected throughout my travels from Istanbul to El Salvador, and the beautiful teal mat is fair trade from Ten Thousand Villages.

Like any good fashionista, I enjoy mixing high and low; along with those lofty vintage and international influences, my two throw pillows are Ikea, and my green lampshade is Target. 

The art, jewelry, and oddities (beetle, butterfly, antlers? yes!) I collected throughout my travels. The beetle is from my  adventure to Artscape with Cat Diesel (whose plant is on my dresser), the butterfly from a family trip to the Florida Keys, and the antlers from antiquing in the Hudson Valley (as is the fish platter and a couple of other things). It is so nice to surround yourself with special, memory-filled things...I never do understand how people can be happy in minimal spaces. 

Life is too short not to inject your space with color and the things that make you happy!