Looking for Cool

It's 115 degrees in DC. There are people doing Bikram yoga outside in the park, and COOL is nowhere to be seen, at least temperature-wise. 

But what about the scene? 

Since moving to DC a month ago, I've been perpetually on the hunt for the DC COOL...the stores, events, bars, and hangouts of the people setting trends and doing their own thing. I had low expectations; I did not expect DC to be cool at all, in a land full of J Crew and Ann Taylor work separates. But it exists! Even in this short time, I have collected some of the most cool people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting: artists, creatives, curators, motorcycle enthusiasts, cocktail gurus, interiors designers, and everything in between. We're planning projects, networking, creating, and enjoying the liquid energy that flows beneath the surface of DC. You just have to look for it.

You've been following my photos detailing my first weeks in DC, and now I want to write a little bit about my experiences. I have been getting plugged in finding the best spots, and want to share some of that with you. 

So often we get hung up with what we're told is cool....but go and look for your own cool and suddenly there is a world of potential. 

Video courtesy of my girl over at Fly Girl Blog, another stylish DC resident that I met at last night's Apartment Therapy meetup. We're going to be doing some fashion-oriented events this weekend, so stayed tuned.