GoKateShoot meets Butler + Claypool, and friends were made

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending fashion collective Butler + Claypool's pop-up vintage shop at the Lamont Bishop Gallery. The vintage was prime, prices affordable, and the ladies lovely! I had a great time meeting the women behind what has been called one of the fashion projects to watch in DC. 

Why not get a little inspired; these talented fashion gurus write for popular style blogs Fashion is Spinach and Project Beltway, the style section of the Washington Post, the Washintonian, and do gads of other exciting things. They go on adventures! Me too! 

Needless to say, we got along swimmingly, and photo adventures filled with vintage fashions will be had in the fututre. I had lovely chats with several of them and was oh-so-glad to meet some other fashion-oriented ladies. 

Enjoy the photos featuring Rachel Cothran, Holly Thomas, and Kristen Guitar of Butler + Claypool. Accompanying them are bloggers Kou Moore of PeppersoupAndrea Pippins of Fly Girls and her hat-wearing stylish friend. 

The gentleman at the end (be still my beating heart, THOSE MIXED STRIPES!), is Scott, a fabulous tie designer of Derringer Friday (whoo baby, what a name!) .