Come out: The Black Cat


TONIGHT, I'm photographing on behalf of Brightest Young Things, taste-makers and gatekeepers of all things cool in DC. 

WHERE, you may ask? Well since the party/soiree/raging dance party is in honor of my good friend Cat Diesel, it's at The Black Cat right down the block at 1811 14th St. Although if you don't know where the Cat is by now, WE GOT PROBLEMS. (and not the good kind)

AND IT'S CHRISTMAS. That's right, it's a rockin, tackier-than-your-grandma's-doily's CHRISTMAS IN JULY party. 

Come jump off with us...I'll be there wearing gold face make-up and motorcycle boots and snapping away. And really, do you need more of an excuse to channel David Bowie?  

Oh yeah, here are some photos from the last week to ease you into the weekend.

taken by Cat Diesel