Apartment Therapy Meet-up, CB2 Style

As I mentioned before in this post that was nicely featured here by the wonderful Desiré  at Sukio Design, this past week I attended the Apartment Therapy DC Meet-up at CB2 in Georgetown. Now let me say that while I love old charm and original detailing, it takes something truly special for me to trek all the way out to Georgetown, particularly on a day with sizzling three-digit temperatures. 

Hot mess. 

But! Away I went in my favorite vintage Diane von Furstenberg dress, determined to spend some quality (air conditioned) time with some of the design trend setters of DC. 

CB2 graciously hosted a pre-party event for the style and design bloggers to allow us first-look at the store. I had a blast photographing the space and connecting with other bloggers; it's always such a treat to spend time with the stylish ladies that I'm friends with in the group! 

Pictured below is Andrew Pippins, designer and blogger extraordinaire on the site Fly Girls. Her site is a carefully curated design blog that pulls inspiration from a myriad of sources in a way that speaks to her impeccable style (just LOOK at her outfit below! The jewelry! The jumper! How cute, yes?).

Also below are Kia from Determined Design (check out her shoes), Jake from CB2 with his delish mixed prints, and Jeanna Grimes, whose vintage style I have blogged about before. From the interior design set are the stylish Ms. V Carr of Idra the Agency and Desiré of Sukio Design. 

Enjoy the photos below! Andrea and I are going to the Butler + Claypool fashion mixer today...and you know I'll have my camera to document all the vintage. It's in my neighborhood, so you know I'm going to struggle city back through the heat with loads of new goodies!