GoKateShoot has relocated to the District!

Hey everyone! I'd like to apologize for being so MIA the last month; I have been traveling and moved from my lovely and rambling Victorian house in New York to a lovely and rambling Victorian house in Washington DC

I have spent the last week beginning to investigate the design and art scenes here, and have been pleasantly surprised. While there is a distinctive lack of fashionable people (my new royal blue palazzo pants from Zara garnered way too much attention, haha!), the ones who are here are here with a strong retail presence in my neighborhood, the U St. corridor. Deemed by the NYT as the trendiest neighborhood in the city, the U St/14th St. area is home to wild nightlife, design studios, and lots of vintage. I'll be happily blogging about the day-to-day inspirations found on the street here, and have lots of exciting new things developing for the blog. 

Too many exciting things have happened in the past couple of weeks to catch up, but my night out last night was so DC I have to share it with you in one sentence:
I met a famous, 79-year old astronaut at the bar where JFK proposed to Jackie who was attempting to pick up women in their early twenties. 
Both fabulous and creepy at the same time. 

anyway! Here are some photos. More to come, particularly from an event I went to hosted by Apartment Therapy. Fabulous and fashionable people attended, details and photos to follow. 
Cheers! And welcome to DC.