7am Chores

I was in western Pennsylvania with family last month, visiting for my grandmother's birthday. After spending a few days in Pittsburgh, we went north to my great uncle Gordon's small beef cattle farm in Titusville. I spent a couple of weeks there every summer growing up, and this was the first time I've been back in 7 years. Too long! It was wonderful to see family again and the last morning, I jumped on the opportunity to tag along and help with chores. We went up the road to a friend's farm to pick up more milk  (after drinking all the whole milk in the house the night before, and plunging myself into a hilarious lactose coma), which comes fresh in huge glass jars. They also have beautifullll huge eggs. I love food, and farms are such an apt celebration of buying local. I think it's so important to support local farmers; I can't wait to join a farm share when I move to DC, and there is a farmer's market right near my house in the U St. Corridor. After getting the milk we ran out to the barn into knee-deep muck to feed the cows. It was great! 

Even though I live in New York and am moving to DC, I grew up in rural Vermont and love spending time in the country. But man it's hard to get late night Ethiopian way out there!

Enjoy the photos.