Throw Back: Michael's Pervy Van

I'm going on hiatus for a bit while I put together a grand poobah of all projects; I am compiling a book of some of my work from the last 8 months. That's all I can tell you about it right now. Yes, secrets! Intrigue! Shenanigans, absolutely. You'll have to stay tuned. But I'll be opening up my archives and pulling photos you've never seen and I've certainly nearly forgotten about. Fun all around. 

To start, here are some pictures of the band The Fifth Business, or some of them, in drummer Michael Healy's extremely pervy unmarked white van that the band uses for equipment. There is nothing cool or sexy about the van. But this is pretty funny nonetheless, and funnier still if you've ever had the opportunity to ghost ride the whip in an inappropriately large vehicle. Cheers!