Featured by Armani: Frames of Your Life

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of modeling for Armani's Frames of Your Life campaign in NYC. 
(You should have seen me when I got cast, I frightened half the library!)
Tommy Ton of the acclaimed street style blog Jak & Jil shot the campaign, capturing authentic New York style accented by Armani's new line of eyewear. I had a blast meeting up with Tommy and his team in the West Village...the whole shoot only took about 10 minutes. 

"Hi, hello, nice to meet you, love your Burton laptop bag (of all things)! Put on these sunglasses, OK great, looking fantastic, pretend to hail a cab." snap snap snap snap snap, "OK got it, oh yes sign that release yep right there, perfect. OK put on these eyeglasses and walk down those stairs of that stoop. Yep that one right there." snap snap snap "Go back up and come down one more time" snap snap snap snap. "OK perfect, got it. We're done." 

That was it.  

And then Armani threw us a party in SOHO, which I missed (by two hours, gahhh!) because I was out of town for job interviews. Boo.

But it was fun! And I figured out that there really is very little magic that goes into street blogs, just being in the right place and finding the right people to shoot. 

So here are screenshots of the photos, and you can check the whole campaign out and vote for your favorite look (perhaps one little vote for me, eh?) here. Thanks, cheers!