Kate Mullan

Here are a few shots I took of fashionista Kate Mullen at the recent Steel Plant Gallery opening. I loved the wild print of her dress with the graphic art and took a few shots to document. This mix of prints is fantastic and I love seeing how creative people get. Do you plan your outfit based on the space that you'll be in? 

Sorry for the delay... I've been on the road a lot recently doing a lot of cool new stuff. On top of working for Marvel Entertainment in Manhattan, I have been zipping to and fro interviewing for jobs. I graduate from university in May and am really excited at the wide array of jobs out there. The search and application and interview process is grueling, sure, but fun at the same time. I've enjoyed the challenge, and interviewing is my reward since I love talking to new people so much! With all that wildness, I am happy to report that I have offers and will be relocating in June 2011... where to I am not quite ready to share just yet. A girl's gotta have a little sense of mystery, no? 

In the mean time, I'll be designing my apartment and trawling through vintage stores for really unique stuff. I have some really great vintage pieces from the 50's/60's that I am excited to incorporate and bring up to date. You know I'll be strategically mixing prints in the space too! 

What are your favorite design sites?