Fashion Dept.

I had such a wonderful day! Got lunch with the editor of the newspaper Thomas Lotito (photos of that to follow), found out good news about future employment (HIRE ME! haha), went to a gallery opening, and had a beautiful home-cooked Italian meal by one of my dear friends. Can you ask for more than that?! Oh yes! I also did four photo shoots (what happens when I carry my camera with me). Bliss! 

In my down time I quickly shot this impromptu one with the fashionable Laura Knight, who I caught on her way to work at the Mill Street Gallery. I love how she mixes prints, and obviously this shoot is styled by her.  Despite us doing a guerilla shoot in the middle of the fashion work room, no one even blinked to see her posing for me on the table. #normalpeople do things like this, right? 

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