Caroline Bright, Throwback

Today I had the honor and pleasure of attending the send-off party for my dear friend Caroline Bright, Miss Vermont, as she prepares to go compete for the Miss America title. Her poise and intelligence astound me and have given me faith that I can be proud to be a Vermonter as I watch the competition. From her resolve to get in shape in a healthy way to her fashion sense or knowledge of politics, I am blessed to call her a friend. I am proud that this well-spoken, respectful young woman is representing our state. 

With that, I will be doing a serious of several posts of previously un-blogged photos from our past shoots together. If you have not already, please follow the directions below the photos to vote her into the semi final round! :) 

Enjoy the photos of my friend and our Miss Vermont!

Saucy pin-up 

You can vote FOUR times! Here's how:

1) Text "MAVT" to 24470.

2) Go to this video and click the "Like" button. It looks like a thumbs up.

3) Go to this Facebook page and click the "Like" button!!/video/video.php?v=10150101725223126

4) Go to this Miss America page and vote!