So Fortunate

Today I woke up to a video from my very dear friend Firat who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. I heard from a myriad of friends across the United States and the world for my birthday yesterday, and this video was the perfect way to close it out. 

I will tell you a little bit about Firat and I.

So last December I went on a trip to Istanbul with three friends.

Mike, who flew from Vermont to Barcelona to see me. We then went to Vienna for a few hours to eat sausage and drink hot rum at the Christmas markets before almost missing our plane because of said rum.  We made our connection and flew to Istanbul together. 

Where we met up with Monica, my roommate and best friend in Barcelona. She is from California, and is a fantastic graphic designer and photographer. You can find her stuff here.

And  Tyler, who lived in Barcelona with me. He is an independent adventurer who is always down for any wacky thing I propose. (He is coming here to Vermont after Christmas to visit me!)

So we had our little group of American photographers, but no way around Istanbul. Fortunately for Couch Surfing, I received no less than 75 offers from locals to show us around their beautiful city. I ended up choosing three different hosts, including Firat. 

He took us all over the city, showing us many sites of the old city, and the whole way providing wonderful commentary. 

We went to the Hagia Sophia, among other places. Firat showed us where Vikings had left graffiti in the ancient stone. 

The beautiful royal palace

And always places with so many cats. It is Istanbul, after all. 

We also went to the Grand Bazaar and other little bazaars.

After that we were tired and needed a rest, so we went to Taksim Square. 

Just kidding, there is no resting occurring here!! 

We went to drink the super-Turkish beer Efes, which Mike (and the rest of us) really loved. A lot. But not as much as Firat, haha.  

The good bars are all on the terraces of Istanbul, and the roof retracts to show us the Turkish moon. 

Here is our wonderful Istanbul crew. 

That is the story of how I met Firat. Our adventures continued again in Istanbul, and then again when he came to visit Vermont this past summer. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend!

And with that, I am dismayed to announce that I have reached the free storage limit the Google and Blogger so generously give me. It may take me a few days to figure out the best way to continue forward with the blog, but I promise I will be back as soon as I can. I love hearing that so many of you follow my blog regularly...please do not hesitate to let me know if you follow, and what you like. I love to share my photos and life with you, so share back. Send me things of yours that I can blog! 

Much love and happy holidays,