Other Goodies

Happy Holiday season everyone! Now that my birthday is past I can finally let myself get into the spirit. I really love Christmas, but don't like how early things start. I'd rather start the week before and have a high-quality celebration! I am in full-swing holiday party mode, with parties almost every night. I am taking a minor break from blogging for a few days while I get my holiday self together (waiting until the last minute to do anything Christmas-related has its downsides), and will then return with new photos galore. I am shooting a whole slew of people here in Vermont for the next month, so please contact me if you are interested in working together! 

For the holidays, I am passing along my shortlist of blogs that I follow regularly. Many have to do with fashion but with a photography twist. Either way, they're all eye-candy. Enjoy!

Garance Doré is a French street fashion illustrator and photographer, and she dates GW collaborator and street photographer The Sartorialist. I met the pair of them while I was living in Barcelona at a fabulous event for the release of The Sartorialist's book signing. Rockstar Diaries documents the life of a young, trendy couple in DC, and The Glamourai is a stylist and artist based in New York City. Lolita is a Swedish photography blog that is at once beautiful and simple, and Terry's Diary is raunchy photographer Terry Richardson's personal blog. 

There are loads and loads more, but these are my go-to's. Enjoy checking them out, and have a safe and beautiful holiday season with friends and family.