Neat New Way to See Katie's Photos!

Hey, I got something done! I knew rainy days were good for something! And the best part is, I can share it with all of you, loyal followers.

I am proud to announce the launch of my portfolio website, which features some of my favorite shots from my appallingly large and ever-expanding photo library. I divided the site into three projects: These People, That Trip, and This Art. But this is not a photo-dictatorship, so you should go out, peep the site, and then comment here or message me on Facebook or Twitter (@chatkate) with feedback. Like it? Hate it? Wish it was more/less appropriate so that you could show it to your grandmother/striperobics instructor? Love a photo you saw on the blog that somehow did not make it onto the site? Let me know!

As also, thank you for following. Here are two completely unrelated photos for the road. I feel like each of these about 45% of the time.