Menu del Dia

Tomorrow my friend Tyler is driving through the treacherous blizzard from PA with three brave friends to come to visit me in Vermont. I am so excited, I love having visitors. Especially ones I haven't seen in a long time, or met yet at all! You know I'm a sucker for meeting new people, it's completely my favorite. We will eat home cooked food and drink local beer and wine to show them how the locals do things, which means we'll be sampling a bunch of The Shed. The Shed is the microbrew of the season, taking anyone with a keg tap for miles around by storm. Amazing, delicious, incredible beer. Go! Drink it! At the very least, do so to keep warm! I do love to show off our rugged tundra up here, and I'm lucky that these guys will be the first of several guests over the next couple of weeks. 

Even though we're going to be shooting some wild-air skiing in the next couple of days, I thought I'd post a photo from an afternoon in Barcelona, where Tyler and I met. This is a typical trendy cafe in El Born serving lunch, where you order from the  delicious menu del dia. He and I spent a hunk of time wandering around the city shooting and exploring while we lived there. 

I miss the Spanish rhythm of life most during dark, cold days like these, so I'm hoping Tyler and his friend bring me a little zing! 

Menu del dia gently guides you right into the obligatory afternoon siesta. This guy has it down rocking the stoop outside a gallery. 

Typical plaza decoration, El Born. 

When Tyler and I see each other tomorrow, we will do this. I'll be the one in the Euro-mullet and he'll be the one making the awkward bunny-face.