Jay-Z Christmas and Warehouse II

This morning I woke up to a slight snow dust on our slate roof, and the temperature here in New York is Christmas-ready. I'm not at all (I save that for after my birthday), but I always love the newness of winter this time of year. Ask me again in March how much I love it! 

My friends in Vermont have a new Christmas tree, which they have adorned with the biggest star they know - Jay-Z. Here is a photo of their hilarious confection:

taken by Ted Calcagni on his phone. I am heading north for the holiday season early next week, so this fine fir will be featured again soon. They expect 16" of the white stuff tonight, and I can't wait for snowshoe hikes and skiing. We have extended family coming for Christmas, and my dear friend Tyler Knabb is coming up to visit after the holiday. I'll be busy snapping photos left and right I'm sure. 

Here are a few more photos from my recent shoot with Landon Greene. We're plotting our next shoot already, so keep checking back. 

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