Musician and a bubble

Hurray! My lovely little computer has returned better than before, hopefully speedier. I'm all used to using my smartphone for everything now, so my computer is entirely for photos now. Streamlining the operation. Today is a beautiful day off, so I'm popping around Richmond doing small-town things like going to the bakery to buy fresh organic bread (Maple Wheat from On the Rise Bakery, oh yes!), and reintroducing myself to the library. I used to work here when I was younger, so it's refreshing to be back. As a result of my computer's trip to the doctor, I have almost 1000 photos to edit, so I'm holed up in the grand empty community room in the old library. The building used to be a church, but the main room was renovated a few years ago and now has light wood floors, fresh yellow paint and comfortable leather couches to complement the soaring ceilings. Great lights in here, so I'm pumped to work through the afternoon.

Here are some photos that were back-logged from before I sent my computer away. Many MANY more to come, including from several exciting projects and collaborations like a wedding and my photoshoot with the fantastic Caroline Bright, Miss Vermont 2010. 

Stay tuned crew. 

My dear friend Michael Healy, musician.

Holly. Taken by Andrew Haas.