Algae is hot this year

Hot weather brings algae. This is a shoot I went on with Mike to complement my other water work that I've been doing recently. I really enjoyed the black streams the geese created...pretty cool. 

Lots of wacky stuff coming up. This weekend is the calm before the storm; doing some rock climbing, hiking, going to a sold out show. Next weekend I drive to Chicago with two friends (17 hours) to go to Lollapalooza. I can't bring my wacky big camera but I will be toting my full manual point and shoot to bring you the wildness. The weekend after that my friend Firat from Istanbul is flying here to visit, and then I'm off to Washington DC and the Chesapeake Bay before moving back to New York for good. Hold on. 

Until then, I'll be bringing in backlogged pictures from the coast of CT, the first trip to Chicago, and a variety of other events. Enjoy the geese.