Passing the Crown

I have been informed that my Mac, full of music and thousands of pictures, is one stiff breeze away from crashing . That explains the freeze-ups, and why I haven't been blogging recently; the lovely guys at Small Dog Electronics have been trying to figure out what is making the poor thing so upset. This isn't good timing to not have a computer, since I have two cameras full of pictures that need to be uploaded before I shoot a wedding on Saturday! Eek!

Me, upon finding out my computer is dead. (El Raval barrio, Barcelona, Spain)

On a lighter note with significantly less whining, I just found out that I will be shooting the effervecient and fantastic Caroline Bright in the Firehouse Gallery space. Why, you may ask? Because my lovely coworker was just crowned Miss Vermont! Very exciting stuff! I'm planning so really fun, nonpageant-oriented shoots with Miss Bright that highlight her role at the Firehouse and show what a beautiful person she is. And she is. We went out for drinks (she got a cranberry juice) after work and we discovered that I am very good friends with her elementary school boyfriend. Conversation was snappy and entertaining with that as a launching point, let me tell you! I'm looking forward to shooting her in a pseudo-fashion style, also featuring some of the other beautiful ladies I work with at the Firehouse. Excited! I won't be able to blog about it for a while, since the Firehouse will be using the photos, but eventually they'll be out here so keep an eye out!