Nothing like last minute

So last night we got a call around 8pm that the aforementioned cousin had spare Girl Talk obviously we made the necessary arrangements, packed a bag (with water and Wheat Thins - only the essentials) and headed upstate. We caught the last 15 minutes of the show (weak), and were generally disappointed by the unenthusiastic crowd at RPI. Determined to salvage the night, Kelsea and I set off into the ghetto of Albany to find a scene. With the help of her roommate giving directions over the phone, we made it through the sketchy bits of the city to the other side, where we were greeted by a myriad of fantastic bars. We popped right into The Bayou, which was packed and had a live band. We proceeded to have a blast dancing, making friends all over the place. Typical and fantastic. Rolled up and crashed at my brother's, so it was great to see him too. Another ridiculous surprise! 

Mama Kelsea