Grassy Bits

Here are a few shots from the sunny bits of the weekend. As an attempt to recover from the wildness of Friday and Saturday nights, I took my photographer cousin Chris and his friends to watch the sun set at the Vanderbilt mansion. After a relaxing afternoon at the Third Eye Blind concert and smoking nargile for 3 hours, we needed activities. I pilfered some of Chris' excellent lenses, so I'll have some wild fisheye shots coming up soon. It was nice to have a little bit of Turkey in my weekend. We also went to the highly romanticized drive-in movies, which was a great way to close a beginning-of-summer kind of weekend. 

Now I'm being good and doing a lot of work, at least until I go on my next big adventure this coming weekend. I'm getting a blast from my past in Spain kind of visitor for the weekend, and we'll be doing lots of exciting things. Sorry to be a tease, but I can't say any more. Keep reading, and enjoy the photos.