Catskills I

Went on a roadtrip yesterday to spend the day lost in the Borsht Belt of the Catskills, with a few side stops that yielded great pictures for a little time commitment. Since I'm strapped to academia for a few days, here just one shot from our day...the rest will come. This was taken at the Norwegian Wood Horse Farm in Ellenville, NY, which we delicately visited. The horses were more than friendly as I popped over the fence to visit them up close and personal; they got so close I couldn't take their photos! I would back away to get a shot, and like loyal pups they're trot right back up to me, nudging my face with their velvet noses. So nice! 

Until I returned to the car after 15 minutes of shooting to discover I'd had a horrible allergic reaction to the horses; my face was covered in hives. Luckily my partner in crime, photographer Ryan Hutton, came to the rescue by quickly procurring some Benadryl that brought the swelling down. Exciting stuff! We continued on our journey, and found the holy grail of abandoned Borsht Belt resorts...which I will tell you about later (sorry for the tease!). 

I'm spending the weekend couch surfing NYC with photographers and friends from Barcelona, so lots of photos will be had! Can't wait to share them with you...keep checking back.