Fuego! Aquí! 

As promised, here are some images from the Iron Pour at Mass Art in Boston that I captured when we were there last weekend. Such an unexpected night that ended up being amazing! These performers coupled with the actual iron pour artists who were forging iron in molds as metal bands played. In addition to these fire eaters, who were my favorite, there were artists with lit hula hoops, giant grasshoppers on trampoline stilts, and a variety of wild bystanders. Very cool scene with interesting characters who will appear in later posts. 

Lots of interesting stuff going on this weekend with photo. My cousin Chris Dzombak is coming into town for a couple of days, and his photography is amazing. It'll be nice to have another photo nut in the house for a little while! I'll also be modeling for Dan McCormack, who shoots pinhole photography. I'm hoping it warms up a little, since we'll be shooting outside for three hours! Finally, Kelsea and I are roadtripping down to The Bamboozle to hear sweet music and dance our faces off for one last hurrah as the summer work season begins. Our friends The Morning Of and Wiz Khalifa will be performing, as well as GirlTalk and 50+ other bands. Despite the 17" of snow at my house up north right now, the forecast for Sunday is looking fine fine fine at a balmy 78 degrees! Sounds like picture-taking weather to me. Stay tuned, more shots to come.