Because it's trendy and progressive

I'm out visiting Seattle, which, upon arrival and investigation, I've found to be just as trendy and progressive as I've heard and anticipated. They have trees in their city, and being country-based for much of my life this is both exciting and necessary to my emotional health and well-being. They also love recycling even more than I do. Moving here. And the rain business has stayed away, except for a delightful drizzle late last night that brought forth the scents from the blooming magnolias, daffodils, cherry blossoms, and other spring explosive growths. Hurry for March in Seattle! 

Taking pictures, talking to every stranger who will listen (and here, they all will!), writing, and drinking coffee has made me a real person again. Thank goodness. Being with Brendan and having a normal, non-long-distance relationship for a little while is lovely. 

Here are some first shots...I have plenty more and will be updating again really soon, so check back!

Sculpture park 

NP3, where we took middle school kids to learn about invasive plant species

Fruit and granola parfait...everyone loves parfaits!

Wormy seed pods!

Old tyme whip