An afternoon adventure with Miss Catherine

Yesterday I had the pleasure of passing the afternoon with Catherine, a lovely fellow Couch Surfer with passions for Arabic, tea, and hitchhiking through the Middle East. It was fantastic to talk with someone who loves travel and adventure as much as I do. She showed me her favorite neighborhood spots in Capitol Hill, First Hill, and the International District. We stopped by a Buddhist temple and were promptly invited inside by a robe-clad monk who invited us, in broken English, to a service on Saturday that included a free meal. "You welcome, bring many friends," spoke of a stranger's kindness. There is nothing like multiple sets of open arms on a clear blue spring day. 

Incense at the Buddhist temple, outside in the garden

Miss Catherine, in Volunteer Park

Cherry blossoms are blooming fervently all over the city; this is in the cemetery where Bruce Lee is buried.

Balsamic strawberry ice cream, yes?