Plague, anyone?

I'm home for the weekend for the Magic Hat Mardi Gras craziness...Vermonters love their micro-brews, especially one as super as Mardi Gras. Those silly little caps with the sayings are in the pocket of every pair of my jeans, offering a nice little bit of home wherever I am. Here are some religious-themed photos, because it's Lent, apparently. As friends and family members struggle to give things up, I'll do this. Europeans appear to love Jesus way more than Americans. With that many plagues you would too, I suppose. 

Notre Dame chandeliers need repairing too

The doors of the old monastery in a small Italian village on the Mediterranean

These Italians love religion

Bleeding paint in Sevilla

Photos from this weekend will undoubtably be, well, I'll be with The Fifth Business so things are certain to get rowdy. The boys love this video and we can often be found putting the fork in the garbage disposal in inappropriate and public places. Surprising? No.